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Harness spatial intelligence to understand, visualise and quantify the impact of ground movement on properties and public infrastructures.

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Property Risk


Ground movement might already be impacting your property

With changing environmental conditions and large infrastructure projects, the impact of ground movement on property and infrastructures is being felt worldwide.

Quantify Risk

Understand and track structural risk to quantify how it impacts the value of your property or your investment portfolio

Investigate property damage

Go back in time by leveraging historical data to investigate specific events, establish credible timelines and assess liability for damages or loss of value

Predict future outcomes

Identify and quantify trends based on actual ground measurements updated multiple times a year.


Properties located in the 50m zone of influence of Sydney’s WestConnex project


Properties located within 250 metres of all tunnelling projects in Sydney Metro region


Properties impacted by ground movement in Sydney Metro


Spatial intelligence down to property level

Need to assess the impact of ground movement on a specific property?

Our property reports provide a detailed look at surface displacement on and around any property to help assess liability and the potential impact on valuation.

  • Go back in time to establish when the property was first impacted
  • Identify the cause of surface movement
  • Establish a baseline of movement prior to construction projects
  • Identify trends to assess and predict future structural risk
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Risk you can quantify

Introducing our Surface Movement Risk Index (SMRI)

Currently under development, our index will provide a structural vulnerability score for more than 7.2 million properties across Australia.

The index will make it easier than ever to understand and quantify how vulnerable a property is to potential structural damage, perform large scale analysis to assess the impact on property valuations over entire mortgage or investment portfolios and understand insurance risk.

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Spatial intelligence for a wide range of users

Discover how we help people in your industry make better decisions and gain an edge with objective insight drawn from state-of-the-art spatial intelligence.

Property Owners

Understand the impact of movement on your property, quantify risk and support damage claims.

Banking and Valuations

Improve accuracy and account for the impact of ground movement on property valuations.


Assess risk profile for single or multiple properties and investigate damage claims


Understand and quantify ground movement risk on your investment portfolio


Predict potential impact of surface displacement, support efficient planning for repair work.

Legal Firms

Support damage claims, identify cause of movement and use an historical analysis


We make spatial intelligence work for you

Everything we do starts with satellite imagery

Using state-of-the-art image processing and machine learning, we turn imagery from some of the world’s most powerful commercial satellites into actionable insight to help our clients make decisions with confidence.


Get access to readily available data, only buy what you need and avoid lenghty and costly project set up.


We pride ourselves in providing independent and unbiased intelligence products.


Look at specific streets or properties or analyse the data on a regional scale to understand the impact on your assets.


We look at ground movement from a lot of different sources to help identify the source of the movement and assess the potential impacts.

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